Zumba® Fitness Classes
In Virginia Beach with RITA

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Selected as the Critics' Pick for Fitness Trends in the 2011 Annual Best of Issue of Hampton Roads Magazine, here's the buzz about Zumba® Fitness Classes in Virginia Beach with RITA:

"Rita's Zumba® Fitness classes are perfect for beginners AND advanced movers!  High energy, creative choreography, and HOT music make for lots of sweat, fun, and tiny waists!!!"

-Shannon (Dance Professional)

"It was only my second time trying Zumba®, which is like Latin/hip-hop/world dance moves set to music. Basically shake your booty and burn fat--even more fat when you're on the sand.
Rita is very cool and upbeat and fun. Check her bio -- she's from Africa, speaks a bunch of languages and also happens to be a trained opera singer--one of those people who makes you feel like you should probably do more with your life."
-Leona B.

"Rita's Zumba® Fitness is the most fun way to get fit.  I love the music and choreography, and I've lost a size since I started.  Rita is awesome!  Thanks Rita!"
"I have been to several of Rita's Zumba® classes on the Chesapeake Bay beach.  I love them!  The scenery is grand, the sand is challenging, and the water is there for emergency cooling-off sessions, but the star of it all is Rita:  cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, and forgiving of my less-than-perfect dancing!  There is no intimidation or embarrassment for missed steps.  And, I can see myself getting better with each session."
-Carol Downing

"I've got a smile on my face the entire hour I'm at Rita's Zumba® Fitness! The music, the moves, and Rita's friendliness can't be beat! This is the freshest and most fun way I've found to enjoy exercising!!"
-Beth J.
"I have never enjoyed any type of workout... I am crazy for this class..but it's our fabulous teacher that makes this class so special... love, love, love it!"

"Rita's Zumba® Class is fantastic! I was worried about not knowing the steps, but it doesn't matter if you make the "wrong" move, you keep going, it is such fun and an amazing workout. Your body will thank you and your heart and soul will feel great and stress-free!"
"I really like that she's always in a good mood. She's a fun instructor."
"I tried Zumba with a different instructor and did not like it, but Rita’s Zumba® classes are so much fun that I even rescheduled clients so I can go to her classes."
-Andrew (Personal Trainer)

"I have tried many different forms of exercise over the years.  Rita's Zumba® classes are fantastic!!!  Most of all it makes working out more fun than you ever imagined!!   Rita is so very talented.....you will love it!"

"Me encantan las clases de Zumba® con Rita.  Me divierto tanto que me pongo un poco triste cuando se acaba la clase - ¡de veras!  ¡Yo nunca sabía que podría divertirme tanto mientras entrenarme!"  (I love Rita's Zumba classes.  I have so much fun that I get a little sad when class is over - really!  I never knew that I could have so much fun while exercising!)

Great fun and enjoyment while having an intense workout. Rita makes it easy and very pleasant. The time goes by so fast you want more and can't wait until the next class. Rita is superb in teaching her skill."

"Découverte de la Zumba® avec toi Rita,  j'adore la musique et tes chorégraphies. Vive Rita et la Zumba®!  (In discovering Zumba with you, Rita, I really like the music and your choreographies. Enjoy Rita and Zumba®)!"

"I hate to miss your class - it's been so good for me.  Your class in combination with watching my diet has helped me lose 12 pounds over the last six months.  I haven't done that in years..."


"I love starting the day with Rita's ZUMBA® classes.  She is so uplifting and talented.  The class flies by... it's definitely the most fun I've ever had exercising!"


Come find out for yourself: Come party with Rita as she teaches Zumba® Fitness classes in the studio AND on the beach itself in Virginia Beach!          


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